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Earthwave. Attracts Multi-National Businesses with its Managed Security Services


(EMAILWIRE.COM, November 01, 2012 ) Sydney, NSW -- In the digital age, every business should be taking computer security threats seriously. Companies with proprietary knowledge, trade secrets and covert plans generally build brick walls around their computer networks, but even the most open business can have operations significantly disrupted by an intruder. Thats why more companies than ever are hiring computer security firms to mitigate the potential impact of viruses, worms and hackers.

One company that is getting a lot of attention in this area is, a computer security firm that has garnered acclaim in the business world for their highly effective protection tactics and managed prevention measures.

Their website explains the proprietary Earthwave security service provider methods, especially their advanced host detection techniques. The various methodology and equipment used to detect unauthorized network access is discussed in detail.

earthwave operate with on-premise and cloud based security services to provide real time threat analysis and protection. These services allow businesses to outsource their networking monitoring, threat detection and security analysis while allowing business to continue to have full insight into their business information and reporting. Blue Chip businesses such as McDonalds, ME Bank and Sydney Water have all used earthwaves expertise.

A spokesperson for the website said: The Internet is the new wild west, and anyone who uses a computer network that is connected to the outside world is vulnerable to attack. Hackers can be engaged in industrial espionage, or they can just be malicious intruders intent on causing trouble. Whatever their motivations, businesses would be well advised to take the strongest possible precautions to keep them out of their computer networks. That is exactly what we do at earthwave. We use the latest, most innovative, and technically sophisticated methods to protect systems from outside threats. It doesnt matter what line of business you are in, you cant afford to be without protection. We work hard to make sure that our Network and Host Intrusion detection and prevention services are the most effective way to protect a business. These services are fully managed, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to protect your systems from attack and intrusion.


Earthwave is a computer security firm based in Sydney, Australia. They specialise in pro-active security, compliance, and IT threat and risk management.

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