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One Third of Canadian Women Fantasize About Vacation Sex reports Electro Beach Tickets


(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 28, 2012 ) San Francisco, CA- A vacation can imbue anyone with the feeling that anything is possible. A new survey on the sexual habits of Canadian women shows that they enjoy sex on a vacation trip, especially when it is anywhere but in a bed.

According to the survey done by, 34% of women admitted to having sex outside their hotel room during their respective vacations.

The survey asked 1,013 Canadian women about their sexual habits. Women who took part were between ages 18-60, and were those who had been on vacation in the past three years. The women asked spanned married women, those in relationships, and those casually dating (not really dating at all).

While 43% admitted to sex outside the hotel, 54% admitted to fantasizing about risqu activities like public/semi-public sexual interaction.

Of the women surveyed, 35% say they fantasize about sex on the beach. Another 20% said they have already partaken in the act. Nearly 25% admitted to thoughts of sex in the ocean, and another 15% admitted to doing the deed. Twenty-one percent fantasized of sex on a boat, while 10% have done so.

Those women who have already participated in risqu activities were 71% more likely to fantasize about like activities instead of those women who did not already engage in it. Sex on the beach seemed to be the most common of the fantasies.

"I've always felt an undercurrent of romantic motivation being a key driver to the vacation travel purchase. We know that women initiate and lead vacation travel planning more than men," said President Richard Vanderlubbe.

It should be noted that there might be a correlation between women who are more interested in risqu activity, and the interest in talking about ones sex life to begin with. There most certainly may be more or less women as a whole who are interested in such risqu activity. However, those who are willing to speak upon their sex life may be more or less likely to also admit in such kinky fetishes as public sexual activity.

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