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Three Religions Embrace Technology to keep up with Modern Times reports RenewedVision


(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 28, 2012 ) San Francisco, CA- As people are generally relying more on technology, religious institutions are trending toward following suit. Some of the top ministers and religious figures, such as Minister Joel Osteen, The Nation of Islams Louis Farrakhan, and the Mormon Church are accepting and including technology into their religious institutions.

Gallup claims that 118 million Americans still attend church; however, membership of churches and religious institutions are down by single percent (1.15%) and they continue to decline.

Instead, more people are choosing to watch religious services online rather than attend physically. They can attend, watch, and participate in religious services through online outlets.

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), for instance, is the largest religious broadcaster in the United States. It recently announced that all of its networks will be accessible on Apple mobile devices and most smart-phones.

Reflecting on this change, Paul Crouch Jr., TBNs chief of staff, says, We are living in an increasingly mobile world, where sitting down and watching TV just isnt an option for many individuals. But they still want access to their favorite programs, and weve been hard at work developing the technology that allows them to watch all of TBNs channels, in real time, at home, at work, on the road, or wherever they are.

Pastor Joyce Meyer is an example of a religious figure who has advanced in terms of using technology. She has a strong web presence. She also tries to engage with audience through an online app. Her ministry is using a combination of video cloud and app cloud to increase its viewership and membership.

One problem that viewers face is with attention spans and bandwidth. Viewers are more likely to be distracted online, which is the reason behind Pastor Joyce Meyer tracking the attention span of her viewers.

Meanwhile, Barry Schwartz, the CEO of Rusty Brick, a software company specializing in more than thirty Jewish mobile applications, claims that Mobile technologies help people practice Judaism.

It is the future. Wherever you go, the airport or the synagogue, people are looking up information and praying, he explains. He has a website, where visitors are able to reach out for help anonymously and access information about Judaism.

Ramadan Times, an application for Muslims, helps individuals figure out fasting times depending on their location.

On the Mormon Channel, a program called Tech Savvy examines the latest technology and how to use it. It also explores what the Church is doing with it and ways its members can use it for good.

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