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Study claims that 20 Minutes of Exercise Helps Thwart Diabetes in Children reports Diabetic Care


(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 27, 2012 ) San Francisco, CA- A clinical trial randomly assigned 222 overweight and inactive kids to various activity groups. The test was designed to test the effects of different styles and amounts of activity.

The first was assigned to 20 minutes of exercise a day. A second group was assigned twice that of the first, 40 minutes per day. A third group was held as the control group, with no direct change to physical activity.

The groups that did 20 and 40 minutes per day of aerobic exercise saw reduction in their insulin resistance compared to children in the control group. A greater decrease in body fat was also noted. The effects transcended gender and racial lines. The types of foods the children ate seemed to have little bearing on the results.

"I hope these findings will provide an impetus for changes in communities around the U.S. and the rest of the world that will focus attention on children's health," Davis said. "This can be done by providing welcoming, safe physical activity programs for children of all skill levels," said Catherin Davis of Medical College of Georgia.

While the concept of exercise being healthy is not a groundbreaking discovery, Dr. B. Adam Dennis, who co-authored the study, is quick to point out the importance of the findings. "This study helps to isolate the benefit of exercise in cutting down on diabetes risk and obesity in kids."

Given the outcome of the study, the researchers suggest that schools ought to add short amounts of exercise time per day. These minutes could be added through either recesses or gym classes. For a 40-minute plan, it is likely an after school program would be required.

The study indicates that while any level of exercise is better than none, the more the better for children. While the findings are not shock the world, with one-third of American schoolchildren categorized as obese, there is an obvious need to implement the common sense backed in the article.

Type 1 (juvenile) and Type 2 diabetes is on the rise across the country. According to the American Diabetes Association, one out of every 400 young persons has diabetes. The long-term effects of such a disease include heart disease, high blood sugar, as well as blindness and other nerve damage.

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