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Replacement Ref Stint Did Not Hurt NFL Wagering reports Bang The Book


(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 26, 2012 ) San Francisco, CA -- While many may have warned they would tune out during the NFL referee dispute, according to moneymakers in the betting field, times could not have been better.

The NFL continued on its track for a record-breaking season in terms of NFL betting, with an estimated $50 million wagered each week in Nevada alone. That number is a conservative estimate said Roger Bell of

Bell stated that people continue betting on big games, even in the face of the debacle of the Green Bay and Seahawk match up wherein the Seahawks were given a touchdown on the final play that they likely did not deserve.

If a player believes that the variation is random, and thus theyre going to win or lose randomly, its another variable in a game of variables, Bell says. But they crave that uncertainty. They like it.

Nobody seemed to like the latest result of the referee lockout, as social media networks were flooded with shocked, then a condemnation of the NFL and its commissioner, Roger Goodell.

[The Green Bay and Seattle call] was horrible for everybody, says Mike Colbert of Cantor Gaming. My sportsbooks won money, but I was literally sick to my stomach, for the people that lost money and just for the sport in general.

Colbert reported that he had a slew of angry text messages from friends. He does not believe the business will suffer overall and assumes Nevada sportsbooks will hand out refunds like certain Euro-companies do after controversy surrounds other sports.

There are bad beats every week. Maybe an onside kick or a hail mary beats you. Granted, this was on another level, Colbert says. But you hear every week when people take a bad beat, Oh Im never betting the NFL again. You heard the same thing last night. But I think it will take a few days for people to come around.

Experts are stating that there is as much as a 20% increase regarding wagering from last season. They believe the trend will continue as long people believe incompetence, and not untoward dealings, is the culprit.

As long as they think its honest, theyre willing to deal with the uncertainty that comes with incompetence, Bell says, adding that incompetence can be the perfect cover for corruption. People are okay with feeling unlucky, but theyre not okay with feeling like a sucker.

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