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Surface Encounters Manchester Offers a Dozen Options for New Kitchen Countertops


(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 25, 2012 ) Manchester, MO During a Surface Encounters showroom tour homeowners and remodelers discover how kitchen remodeling projects are not only the most expensive, but they offer the highest return on ones investment. new kitchen countertops are one of the most noticeable features in the home. They are also one of the most used and abused surfaces in the home, so the choice of material is critical.

Surface Encounters ( specializes in the fabrication and installation of marble and Granite countertops. Granite is one of the most popular choices for new kitchen countertops; however, owner Chuck Russo knows that it is not the ideal choice for everyone.

Granite countertops are among the highest quality surfaces one can buy but there are over a dozen other materials people can use for their new kitchen countertops. Following is a list of a dozen options people consider before making their final selection:

Granite is by far the most popular and one of the highest quality materials used for new kitchen countertops. Granite countertops are strong, durable, heat tolerant, stain resistant and a very elegant addition to the kitchen. With a wide variety of colors and styles no two slabs will be exactly alike, so the customer can be assured their granite countertops will be one of a kind. Granite countertops are easy to maintain with sealers and cleaners specifically designed for use on natural stone.

Marble is also a very popular, high quality material that comes in a wide variety of color choices, and is available in slab form or various size tiles. There are also several finish techniques available for marble; smooth polished for new kitchen countertops or a rougher finish for floor tiles to minimize slip and falls. Marble is also heat and stain resistant, but not as resistant as granite. Like granite, it is easy to maintain with cleaners and sealers specifically designed for use on marble surfaces.

Soapstone is a softer material, easy to work with, and its texture feels kind of like a bar of soap. It is very strong and durable, easy to clean and maintain, but it is typically more expensive than granite or marble. With soapstone, the customer is limited to a honed finish in either gray or dark green.

Limestone is available in various thicknesses, sizes, and finishes; some are too porous to be suitable for new kitchen countertops. It will require more frequent sealing to maintain the surface and minimize staining.

Slate is generally used for floors but could serve as a natural stone countertop. It is not as desirable because it is available in very limited slab sizes. It can also be very porous and rough in texture.

Ceramic tile, like slate, is more suitable for floors but has been used with new kitchen countertops. The grout joints tend to stain easily and the tiles could chip or crack when heavy pans are set on or slid across them.

Stainless Steel is an interesting choice for new kitchen countertops, but plain and limited in color and texture. It looks OK in restaurants, but most people prefer a little more creativity and design for their kitchen.

Concrete is popular in some areas, available in soft colors, strong and durable, but it is too porous to be stain resistant. It also flakes and chips easily as does the concrete on the driveway.

Corian is a plastic slab material that looks like a natural stone, but is losing favor because it just doesnt hold up to the rigorous use of a kitchen countertop. It is easy to clean, but not as durable or scratch resistant.

Engineered Stone, like silestone, is a slab material made of stone pieces held together by plastic. It is similar to corian and the stone chips give it a more natural look.

Formica is a plastic laminate that is affordable and comes in a wide variety of colors and designs. In earlier generations, it was the popular choice for builders and housewives, but has become outdated.

Glass is gaining in popularity as a slab type of countertop. Slabs are made of glass chips bound by plastic. EnviroSlab is an example. Another example is Icestone, a colorful countertop with ice chips bound in concrete.

Homeowners and remodeling contractors know that nothing outdates a home more than an old kitchen countertop with green or gold appliances from the 60s. New granite countertops are an elegant, beautiful upgrade which will add immediate value to a home. When considering the choice of material, dont forget about style and durability as well as the budget. This is not something that is changed as easily or as often as paint and carpet. Granite countertops will last a lifetime.

Surface Encounters specializes in fabricating and installing marble and granite countertops. Advanced technology allows Surface Encounters to create granite countertops more quickly while eliminating errors and imperfections caused by hand tools, routers and grinders. Quicker turn-around time and higher quality results ensure customer satisfaction and price assurance. Visit to learn more.

About Surface Encounters:
Surface Encounters has over 100 years accumulated experience fabricating and installing natural stone and granite countertops. Surface Encounters state of the art machinery ensures the highest quality finished product with satisfaction guaranteed. Surface Encounters is dedicated to improving the world one granite countertop at a time. Granite countertops will last a lifetime and never go out of style.


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