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Greenway Home Services, An Appliance Repair Memphis Company, Promotes Safety and Good Health With Regularly Scheduled Appliance Repair and Maintenance In the Home


(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 24, 2012 ) Memphis, TN One does not think of ordinary appliances in the home as being dangerous until a safety issue presents itself or someone is injured. There are dangers lurking in the home in many areas, but none are as preventable as those caused by poorly maintained household appliances. Call an expert appliance repair technician at 901-252-0461.

Modern high tech appliances can make the drudgery of chores in the home almost an enjoyable experience, but those same appliances can present a safety hazard if not properly maintained. Shock hazards, electrical shorts, water leaks, etc., could make these same appliances unsafe to use. Proper maintenance and professional appliance repair will keep appliances in the home safe and working for years to come. One should call an appliance repair Memphis company like Greenway Home Services whenever a safety issue presents itself.

Something as simple as leveling a washing machine can make the machine operate more efficiently and prevent problems down the road. Problems that may result in an expensive appliance repair bill. Even if the machine is un-level just a tiny bit, it can and often does cause major problems. An off-balance machine shakes horrendously when loaded with clothes and water and this can cause damage to the tile floor and sub flooring resulting in very costly repair.

A simple check by an appliance repair professional at Greenway Home Services can insure safety to the machine, clothes and floor by making certain the washer is perfectly balanced, likewise the other important appliance of the laundry room can be even more damaging or unsafe.

An improperly maintained dryer can cost one the entire house. How? Lint is very flammable and cause a severe fire hazard if the machine is not cleaned of the lint regularly. A simple inspection by an appliance repair technician from Greenway Home Services will show if there are any lint clogs that will inhibit air flow, setting the stage for even greater build up which may lead to a potentially devastating fire.

A dryer with a clog will also damage those fine clothes and delicate fabrics on which an average family spends a good portion of their household budgets An over-heating dryer will weaken fine fabrics and lower the efficiency of the drying cycle causing ones electric or gas bill to rise dramatically. Here again, a simple inspection and cleaning by an appliance repair professional will eliminate these two problems and many others.

Greenway Home Services appliance repair service is a trusted appliance repair firm in Memphis that one can trust to provide an excellent standard in appliance maintenance and repair in the home from the laundry room to the kitchen. For more information, one should visit or call 901-252-0461.

About Greenway Home Services:
As a company, Greenway strives to not only meet their customers expectations in appliance repair, plumbing repair and heating and air-conditioning repair, but to exceed them with exceptional service. Greenway Home Services now runs over 40,000 calls a year, has two locations, one in Nashville and one in Memphis, and has a team of over 100 dedicated staff members. Visit their website at .

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