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Greenway Home Services, An Appliance Repair Company in Nashville, Advocates Using Experienced Appliance Installation Experts To Install Ones Appliances


(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 24, 2012 ) Nashville, TN Greenway Home Services, an appliance repair company in Nashville, advises appliance purchasers to make sure that the free installation service that is offered by the big box appliance retailers is done by a qualified service technician. Improper installation of an appliance could put undue stress on the machine, resulting in an appliance repair service call later. To schedule a service call visit or call 615-970-3353.

Most times the appliance store installers have not been factory trained in the installation of the many brands of appliances that are on the market today. High efficiency appliances for instance need a little more TLC when installed and the person installing the appliance needs to have enough knowledge about the appliance to demonstrate its use to the homeowner. Most times, these installers have not been factory-trained in the proper installation and use of the appliance. It is best to stick with a professional like the ones at Greenway Home Services.

It might not sound like a difficult thing to install a washer and dryer, but with the many brands of washers and dryers on the market, being an expert in the installation of just one, doesnt necessarily make one an expert in all brands. Poor installation may result in an appliance repair service call down the road. Greenways appliance repair technicians have seen washers that were not leveled correctly when installed and the problem resulted in excessive wear on the motor or the belt that turns the drum. Out of balance washers can also damage internal parts from the constant shaking of the unit as it goes through the spin cycle.

Improper installing of the water lines can also result in a costly repair situation down the road if one is not careful. If the water line connections are not tightened properly or cross-threaded, this can result in leaks that can damage walls and floors. Even a small drip can cause costly damage if not repaired quickly.

Dryers also should be installed by a professional. Gas dryers that are installed improperly can leak gas and cause carbon monoxide build-ups in the home in addition to being a fire hazard. All dryers also need to be vented correctly to prevent build-up of lint. Lint is a very flammable material and can build up in the dryer vent hose and outlet if not installed correctly.

Greenway Home Services encourages homeowners and commercial appliance owners to call the appliance professionals whenever installation of an appliance is needed. Doing the project oneself can also cause problems down the road if one does not know how to properly install an appliance. For more information, visit or call an appliance repair expert at 615-970-3353.

About Greenway Home Services:
As a company, Greenway strives to not only meet their customers expectations in appliance repair, plumbing repair and heating and air-conditioning repair, but to exceed them with exceptional service. Greenway Home Services now runs over 40,000 calls a year, has two locations, one in Nashville and one in Memphis, and has a team of over 100 dedicated staff members.

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Greenway Home Services
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