Opinion https://www.benzinga.com/views/taxonomy/term/146540 en The Market's Sudden Volatility Is A Reminder: Pay Close Attention To Global Forces https://www.benzinga.com/opinion/18/02/11172916/the-markets-sudden-volatility-is-a-reminder-pay-close-attention-to-global-for <p>Monday morning was a rude awakening for many traders and investors as the Dow plummeted nearly 1,200 points. It the worst point decline in its history.</p> <p>Volatility like what we saw on Monday and throughout week whipsawed prices and wiped away big paper profits, turning them into big losses in the blink of an eye for many traders caught off guard.</p> <p>Such abrupt changes in trend direction and huge price swings can&rsquo;t be predicted by human intelligence alone, and definitely can&rsquo;t be predicted by single-market analysis software that only looks at each individual market by itself in isolation.</p> <p>While other traders, paralyzed by fear and anxiety the last two days, were wringing their hands and fretting over whether to stay put, sell out or buy dips, traders who had the advantage of seeing <a href="https://www.vantagepointsoftware.com/">VantagePoint Software&rsquo;s</a> predictive technical indicators and its trend forecasts were able to stay calm and make level-headed trading decisions that gave them the confidence to act decisively.</p> <p>This most ...</p><p><a href=https://www.benzinga.com/opinion/18/02/11172916/the-markets-sudden-volatility-is-a-reminder-pay-close-attention-to-global-for alt=The Market&#039;s Sudden Volatility Is A Reminder: Pay Close Attention To Global Forces>Full story available on Benzinga.com</a></p> DIA SPY vantagepoint Opinion Markets General DIA US78467X1090 SPY US78462F1030 Opinion Markets General Benzinga Fri, 09 Feb 2018 22:26:03 +0000 Lane Mendelsohn 11172916 at https://www.benzinga.com