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The North American Bitcoin Conference In Pictures

The North American Bitcoin Conference In Pictures

Hundreds of bitcoin enthusiasts swarmed Chicago's McCormick Place this past weekend to hear about the latest industry trends.

Everyone from programmers to teenagers to grandparents was invited to attend the workshop. The event was held to help educate people who may not know very much about the cryptocurrency.

Click through the slideshow to see speakers and attendees in action.

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    Bitcoin ATM

    Andreas Antonopoulos helps users with the bitcoin ATM

    The conference's Bitcoin For Beginners session had a bitcoin ATM onsite for users to transfer U.S. dollars to bitcoin.

    Andreas Antonopoulos helped guide attendees through the ATM. A bitcoin entrepreneur, Antonopoulos has founded three bitcoin businesses and launched several community open-source projects.

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    Cloud Hashing In The Vendor Area

    cloud hashing in the vendor area

    Cloud Hashing is the easiest way for new users to mine bitcoins.

    According to the company website, Cloud Hashing's goal is "to make the process of mining for bitcoins simple, scalable and cost effective for our clients.

    "We aim to achieve this by building a formidable cloud supercomputing network of mining machines, utilizing the latest in ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) technology."
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    Lamar Wilson Educates New Users

    Lamar Wilson teaching new bitcoin users

    Brand-new users learn how to use bitcoin on their iPhones.

    Lamar Wilson is the co-founder, CEO and head developer at Love Will, LLC. Love Will, LLC develops applications for the cryptocurrency market.

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    Spendabit Informs

    What can you buy with bitcoin? Spendabit said 1.8 million items at just one of the over 60,000 merchants who accept bitcoin.
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    Rep. Steve Stockman and Reggie Middleton

    Representative Steve Stockman and Reggie Middleton
    U.S. Representative Steve Stockman attended the conference to help the bitcoin community understand the potential chilling effect of regulation.
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    Jason King Chats It Up

    Jason King
    Jason King has fed 100,000 homeless people with bitcoin. He literally ran across the country to spread awareness.
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    Students On Bitcoin Panel

    students in bitcoin panel
    Students discuss their excitement about bitcoin and their experience with the cryptocurrency.
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    The Butterfly Labs Booth

    David Smith at the Butterfly Labs booth

    David Smith in front of mining company Butterfly Labs booth.

    In addition to bitcoin, Smith has been has been investing since 2000, trading stocks, options, ETFs and Index Funds.

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    Ezra Galston

    Ezra Galston

    Venture Capitalist Ezra Galston explained how his firm wants more bitcoin companies in the Midwest so they can invest in those companies.

    Galston wants to find great tech companies focused on consumer marketplaces, e-commerce, productivity and mobile first experiences.

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    Tony Gallippi

    Tony Gallippi

    Bitpay's Tony Gallippi announces the company's product that helps friends trade bitcoin through Facebook.

    Bitpay is a payment platform designed for bitcoin.

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    Regulatory Panel Discussion

    Regulatory Panel
    The regulatory panel discusses New York's proposed BitLicense.
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    Networking With Will Pangman

    Will Pangman

    Will Pangman networks after his Bitcoin for Beginners workshop.

    Pangman is the chief communications officer at Tapeke, a cryptocurrency personal finance platform.

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